Client Acquisition System (CAS)™


A unique design framework to build functional websites that attract, capture, develop, and convert cold prospects into long lasting clients.

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The Client Acquisition System™



In order for your website to attract visitors, it needs to be known by the search engines. There are three main areas we focus on to increase your website's page rankings.

In order to be “attractive” to search engines, content on websites require proper use of keywords, element tags and many others.  Some of the top “factors” the CAS™ system focuses on, and more importantly, what Google’s algorithms focus on, are: 

  1. Search intent
  2. Backlinks 
  3. Page Speed
  4. User Experience
  5. Content freshness, including depth and accuracy 
  6. Site authority
  7. Security
  8. Mobile friendliness (Responsive) 
  9. Structured data
  10. Optimization for voice search including 508 (ADA) and WCAG compliance.

A great business website never sits idle. It’s your golden opportunity to start a dialogue with new visitors who, ultimately will become your most lucrative clients. There are businesses that dispute blog development and management, as their reasoning is the time spent on a blog will outweigh the benefits.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Blogging increases the number of pages your website has, which tells Google and other search engines it’s an active site that gets a lot of attention from its administrators. It also boosts how often a search term (keyword)will appear on your website. This is where the magic happens for SEO. Blogs provide valuable links from pages within your site and for external sites to link to informative topics – external links from respected sites increase your sites’ ranking.  The CAS System implements a state-of-the art blog engine with proper formatting and layouts.  By using a series of proper content tags and relevant keywords for your articles, your site will soar in the page rankings.

In order to grow your business, you must identify your sales funnel as part of your digital marketing efforts. Simply put, a sales funnel is the journey a visitor takes from being a prospect to a paying client. It’s critical in regard to prospect conversions and driving sales because it requires you to better understand how prospects find you, why they find you and why they stay or leave.

Approximately 68 percent of companies either do not have or have not identified or measured their sales funnel strategy.  Don’t be part of the 68%.

Here are seven reasons why you need a well thought out sales funnel for the journey of your prospective clients.

  1. Attracting new leads
  2. Streamlining your marketing
  3. Focusing on the right leads
  4. Sorting and ranking your leads
  5. Building trust and relationships with your leads
  6. Increasing your conversion rates
  7. Better forecasting your sales volume and client load.


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Proper copywriting is like a vacuum cleaner selectively scooping up leads into your acquisition system. There are three areas we focus on to generate and qualify leads for your business.

Persuasive writing is part science and part art form.  Words matter and the proper use of emotional triggers will force a reader to take the action that you intend.  Part of a capture system must include well written “copy” in order to steer your visitors to take your intended actions. 

It’s not just the words on the page.  It’s also the styling.  Especially for the search engine crawlers.  Proper font tagging, relative keywords, and layouts are all part of your content getting noticed.  Not only by the search engines, but aesthetically pleasing to your visitors as well.  Optimization also includes ensuring your content is ADA (508) and WCAG compliant.

Lead magnets offer your site visitors the ability to receive something of value in exchange for their contact information.  That could be just their email address or include even more information such as name and phone number.  The CAS System provides all the tools necessary to create compelling lead magnets so your visitors become your clients.  In most cases, the lead magnet is where the journey starts.  A visitor found your site through a google search looking to solve a problem.  Your lead magnet appeared in the search with a free ebook that appeared to solve that problem.  Now you have a lead into your sales funnel.  the CAS system will continue to work on this new lead by  sifting and sorting them through your sales funnel until they become a client.


Once you have leads, they have to be nurtured. Like a sprouting seed needs care to grow to a fully functional plant, so do your leads. Attention to these three key areas of development will turn cold prospects into hot leads and ultimately, lasting clients.

A visitor that leaves your website will never be seen again. Unless, you actively market yourself to them so they come back. We do this with “Retargeting Ads”. There are several ways to accomplish this and using one or combination of methods can produce leads and clients that otherwise would have never returned. The CAS System includes an Ad Retargeting Campaign solution specifically engineered for your business needs.

In order to develop and nurture your leads into long lasting clients, we need to reinforce reasons why they should work with you. Part of the development phase of leads is exposing them to your business consistently. The Rule of 7 states that a prospect needs to “hear” the advertiser’s message at least 7 times before they’ll take action to buy that product or service.  CAS provides the system for a follow up series of emails that draws your visitors back with timely and informative emails in a story format.  Each email within a series offers your potential clients a specific action to take. 

depending on the actions a visitor or opt-in lead takes with any of your marketing material, the CAS system provides automation to place them in the proper follow up series or information centers within your site.  Whether that is a specific article or series of videos that you want them to view.

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The Client Acquisition System™
Will Help Your Business...

Increase Site Visitors

Visibility is the key to traffic. Let your website be known to the world and the traffic will come. A steady flow of visitors increases the likelihood of capturing more leads on a regular basis.

Get More Leads

All Businesses need leads. We help you flood your business with qualified leads by taking them through an automated sales journey to build your business.

Secure More Clients

A large client base is the lifeblood of your business. We help you to nurture your prospects into long term high paying clients that buy your services again and again.


Conversion Centric Content

Crafted specifically for your business and fully customizable

Facebook + Google Retargeting

Follow your visitors around the internet with targeted ads from Facebook and Google to encourage them to come back

Conversion Optimized Website Design

Not just a beautiful looking website But a website optimized for massive conversions

Landing Page Templates

Optimized Landing Pages for an increased ROI on your Google Adwords and Facebook Ad campaigns

Lead Magnets

Capture visitor contact information at your website before they leave an never return

Optimized CMS Website

A Complete Content Management System (CMS) oriented website with SEO optimized pages. Increases your page rankings in Google and other search engines.

Automated Followup Sequences

Convert leads to clients after they leave your website through a series of automated email campagins.

Sales Funnel

Prewritten service content to take your visitors on a structured journey into your business solutions.

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The Client Acquisition System (CAS)™

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