From single page sites to complex custom designs. Our team will work with you to help decide which platforms are right for your business.

Small 1 or 2 Page Designs

Perfect for the small business owner who is just getting started and needs their place on the web.   We usually use WIX for these types of sites. However, if the plan is to grow, we recommend starting from the beginning with a Content Management System (CMS).  Our preferred CMS is WordPress.  Due to its popularity,  there is an overabundance of support and customization available.  We can then help you grow your site as your business grows.   Small, one-page sites are used for getting the word out about you and your business including contact information and an overview of your offerings.

Multi-Page and Small eCommerce

Geared for the medium-sized business with a small number of products, simple shipping or downloads, and a shopping cart.  We have a few options here.    Squarespace and WordPress with WooCommerce.  Our design team can build a beautiful, eye-catching site that will have all the functionality for your small to medium-sized business.  Squarespace has the perfect costing structure for these types of needs with some room to grow.  Your social media marketing can integrate as well.  WordPress/Woocommerce is also an excellent choice since you own your data.  Squarespace is convenient since you don't have to be concerned with hosting or maintenance, however, the fine print shows, that you really don't own your data.  On the other hand, WordPress/Woocommerce allows for maximum flexibility and it requires you to take care of hosting as well.  The over cost of both solutions tends to be similar in the long run.  While we would prefer a WordPress/Woocommerce solution, simply due to the fact that if you outgrow SquareSpace, moving to a larger platform like Shopify, could prove to be a costly and cumbersome task.  While a WordPress/Woocommerce site can grow with your needs.    Be sure to ask us about that when you book your call!

Large eCommerce Sites

For the more established business with a larger product portfolio, complex shipping, team needs, and overall need to manage you business activities with one central hub. We use Shopify for these build outs.  Depending on the complexity that you require, SquareSpace may also work up to a point.  Normally the complex nature of larger business needs will require the power that Shopify brings.  Our team is able to do produce beautiful stores and can customize using Shopify's "Liquid" language.  Make sure we discuss you product portfolio, shipping, and marketing needs on our consultation call.

Large Custom Sites

Sometimes you need all the flexibility you can get.  Complete customization allows for a very unique site, full of features.  From custom template designs that have maximum flexibility to the integration of shopping carts, funnels, email marketing, online bookings, and backend CRM to name a few.  We use self hosted WordPress for the base of these CMS's (Content Management System).  There's no end to the power you can bring to this type of development.  Tens of thousands of plugins to perform any number of tasks.  These custom sites bring maximum flexibility, features, and power to run your business.

Etsy Shop Design

We want you to focus on your core abilities.  Sometimes that's not your website but the products you create.  We can help get your creativity out there with Etsy.  We can handle shop design, product listings, title optimization, description optimization and SEO.  We'll help you to get your store on its way to being ranked.  Book your call today so we can help you get your Etsy Store off to a great start!


Do you wish your site(s) had better ranking in the SERPs?  It might be time to do some SEO work.  Only whitehat techniques here!  Page ranking requires unique content, authoritative backlinks, no bad links on your sites, proper anchor texting and much, much more.  There's no guarantee of first page ranking, but by not doing these critical tasks, you'll never be found.  Let our team take the guess work out of SEO for your business.  Remember, SEO is a trial and error task.  It's something that has to be revisited over and over again.  It's also an ongoing task to make sure your content creation is using proper text tagging, keywords, anchor text etc.  Let us know how we can help with your SEO needs by booking a consultation call today!

"Great web design without functionality is like a sports car without an engine."

-Paul Cookson


Whether your business is small or large or somewhere in between, we can design the proper website to fit your needs.