Site Security Services

Your Website Security Is Your Business

A majority of business website owners pay attention to website design, SEO, and content but underestimate the security of their site(s). As a website owner, web security should have a higher priority than everything else that you do.

Website security is much more than just SSL (Secure Socket Layer).  At JMc Associates, LLC we pay critical attention to cyber threats around websites and offer a “best practices” model to help our clients keep their sites secure.

From initial site development to deployment, and go-live, we build our client websites with a critical lens of security.  

It doesn’t matter if it’s as simple as a single-page informational website, or a complex e-commerce site.  There are specific security implementations that must be part of any design.



Website Security is Best Performed in Layers.

We do all of this in layers.  We start with the network side and DNS.    91% of malware attacks occur due to inadequate DNS security.  And then all the way down to the hosting servers and ultimately to your website applications. We provide site security services around DNS, hosting servers, and website applications including WordPress.

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